Does that embarrassment even like Victoria or is it just #AnyoneButFrankie at this point lol & AGAIN, why the fuck are Zach’s family still following a creepy old irrelevant fuck who jacks off thinking about & probably to pics/vids of Zach in his mothers basement?!…he may have supported (more like…

I will always think of him as Miss Clebola from now on!!




I disagree with many parts of this article. I believe that if it was not Frankie, Zach was not going to show us his true personality. Ariana never asked for your fan voting for Frankie. I hate how everyone tries to make Frankie look like a monster. Why do not people accept that Zankie is the reason why Zach became beloved and unforgettable.

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you here. Zach is the reason Zach became beloved and unforgettable. He was himself around Cody, Derrick, Brittany, Nicole, Victoria, Caleb, Donny, ect. He showed us his sensitive, funny, emotional, teasing, goofy side around them all.

A ton of Zach’s best moments have nothing to do with Zankie at all. I’m sure Frankie did help him to come out of his shell, because they had such a good bond, which was great, but it would have happened anyway.

I have no doubt in my mind that Zach would still be just as loved and popular if Zankie never even happened.

I love Zach so much, and feel really protective of him, like you do with Frankie. And I have to say it’s pretty upsetting seeing people think Zach is only loved because of Frankie.

This is just my opinion though, and I’m not saying Zankie didn’t help, because I love Zankie and it did make him more known…but Zach is an amazing person, and that alone is why he captured the hearts of so many people.

That’s my article!